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Some thoughts about prayer

A recent poll found that just over half of adults in the UK pray at some point in their lives. From the quick, 'Please, God' to more detailed requests or conversations, it is clear that for many people, this desire to pray is very much present. The poll also found that people tend to pray much more for things close to home - for family and friends, for healing and thanking God. Global issues came much further down the list.

What surprised me more from the poll, though, is that only half of those praying feel that God hears their prayers. For the rest, it made me wonder what the point is of praying if no response is expected. I suppose, like for many of the people we read of in the Bible (for example Abraham, or Nehemiah), the prayer is not only about asking God something - but also about changing the person who prays. I know that when I pray, it is often my mindset and approach that changes more than the situation around me. And yet as Christians we also believe that God listens to - and answers - prayer. Not always in the way that we hope for or expect, but in faith we understand that God answers prayer in a way that is good.

At St Aldhelm's we invest a lot of time in prayer -for example in our services, at our monthly prayer meeting and in a prayer chain tat operates through the church. You can find out more on this page - and do contact us if there is anything we can help you with or pray for.

Girl praying

The poll mentioned in this article was carried out by ComRes, on behalf of Tearfund, reported in the link above by The Guardian.

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