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Faith is for life, not just for Christmas...

Now that we're back into the rhythm of more normal life again, it can seem that there is lots to leave behind. The presents, baubles, tinsel, fairy lights, excessive food... Much of it (maybe not the food!) will be packed away for the next December, and our more normal routines will begin to emerge.

As Christians, we are passionate about our faith being something that doesn't get left behind or packed away. It should be something that transforms our daily lives, the way we relate to other people and the way we see to develop ourselves. We try to live that as best we can, and although we make mistakes, we aim to seek forgiveness and learn from them.

As the new calendar year begins, we hope that you have space and time to consider your own faith and the things that are important to your life. If there are areas that you would like to explore with us, then do come along to any of our Sunday services, regular church activities or events for children and families - we'd love to see you and we're sure we could learn a lot together about how to grow in our faith.

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